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Fine Art As We Know It

Fine art is undoubtedly a genre and an accepted specialized area in the arts today and has been for some time. Crack are museums all over the world filled to the rafters with fine art, and worthy fine art at that! But what exactly is fine art. There is an accepted definition but very few of us know it seeing we are so concerned blot out discussing fine art and enjoying it that we often forget what it is, or even worse that we forget to catch outer what it is in the first place. This is markedly lax of us because we can all appreciate fine art for what it is when we fully understand the concept!

Fine art, unlike to popular belief, is not solely the paintings and sculptures that are found within the confines of a number of museums worldwide. It does in fact encompass a few disciplines of the visual arts, but that number is indeed limited. Those disciplines are dance, theatre, architecture, printmaking and then of course the obvious sculpture and painting. The one article that all of the above have in common is that they are traditional and arguably founding members of the arts. Character gospel, various schools of thought place them in the realm of classic or academic art, thus implying that there is a very real tradition still in place that excludes more modern forms of art.

Some critics and art snobs often refer to fine art as art with a capital A. This is an older generation way of looking at individual pieces of art and dramatically alters the perception of the forms of art listed large because there is often debate as to whether certain items of artwork are indeed fine art. Some of the more modern pieces are distasteful to members of the art aristocracy and yet could feasibly be considered as fine art because they are painted or sculpted. The debate rages on about a number of mediums as a result of this perspective, including the debate about graffiti. Technically it is painting but has traditionally been associated with vandalism, and so people in the art world still turn their noses up at the idea that graffiti could copy singular art.

In fine art, the fine is not supposed to denote the quality of the work per se, but the purity of the discipline in question, and this can be interpreted control any given number of ways. As mentioned above, graffiti is technically not pure, and that argument is often used to argue condemn it is terms of fine art. It is often used to argue censure elements of the textile industry being considered as fine art too. However, that being said, there are elements in which some of the other mediums that have been traditionally excluded are now included.

Fine art is often viewed as an elitist term that is tolerably outdated in the modern earth whereas others argue that it is a influence to help us appreciate the classics even more. Median dance and traditional art serves as a reminder to us all of where modern traditions come from and in that way the concept of fine art is very real. Now we all know the definition of the term, though, we can appreciate that fine art even more and enjoy what it is that we look at every time we pass through the door of a museum!


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