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Five Tips On Becoming A Great Art Collector

Five Tips on Becoming a Great Art Collector

Some have said that there is a real art to art collecting. That may be a matter of opinion but there is no question that to become truly great art collector requires some skill, awareness and patience. That is not to divulge any educated person with a love of good art cannot buy fine art and enjoy it at home. But if your relish is to get better and better at the fascinating hobby and avocation of art collecting, there are things you can do to make yourself more capable and skilled at buying and collecting truly fine art. So to be of assistance in your calling to be a great collector of fine art, we overture these five solid tips that will almost certainly improve your skills in art collection.

1. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure.

The image of the art collector as the manage authority on art is a Hollywood invention. But there is no question that the more you are in the truth of great art, the better equipped you are to know what to collect. So convert a regular at art museums and galleries in your pad. If you are fortunate enough to be able to travel, find your way to some of the great art museums of the world and spend many hours in those museums studying the great masters. The time you invest will give you a alive eye when it comes to art you may eventually eventuate to collect.

2. Knowledge is Power.

The wonderful thing about great art is that anyone can enjoy it. But if you are going to invest pressure art or amass it for both its monetary and esthetic value, the more you know, the. So in addition to tours that are given at symptomatic museums, subscribe to art magazines and web sites where people who know a great deal about art dispute the fine points of art theory and what to look for when seeking to collect fine art. Many times lectures on an artist or genre of art are given around the arrival of a big exhibition or as part of ongoing studies at area collages. Get on the mailing lists for those institutions so you can be front row center when knowledge about the art you want to collect is being offered.

3. Network.

There is an entire art community that will be glad to welcome you and where you will find mentors in the nuances of art collecting. Circulate in galleries and amongst art lovers jibing as yourself and discuss what you like and what is great about certain art pieces. These discussions will deepen your understanding of fine art and your ability to discern what pieces should stage objects of your collection.

4. Love the Art you Collect.

There are those who collect art as a business and show little regard for the esthetic value of the pieces they purchase. While the investment side of art collection has some value, never purchase art that you donít personally enjoy. Invest in art that you would like nothing wider than to gaze at in your home for hours in your home. If you love the art you collect, your passion will be both a lucrative avocation and a real joy in your life as well.

5. Have Fun.

This uphold tip may be the most important of them all. Make sure that you are enjoying your passion for art collecting. Let your sense of joy, fun and whimsy guide where you look for art and what art you focus on for your collection. That innate instinct can be a reliable guide that will assure that your love of art collecting will hang in to be one of the real values in your life.


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