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The Art Lover And The Art Collector

The Art Lover and the Art Collector

Are you an art collector or an art lover? You endowment say, well, what’s the difference? We can probably say with some certainty that most art collectors are art lovers. But we can also say that not all art lovers are art collectors.

Would the differentiation be that art lovers may enjoy seeing great art and taking trips to museums as a priority part of their private lives but they don’t buy art? But surprisingly, whether or not one buys are or not is not the distinction. Uncounted art lovers buy certain pieces of art but would not really be premeditated a collector just as someone may have a few interesting stamps around but that doesn’t make him or her a serious stamp collector.

So it might pay off if we differentiate between what makes an art collector different from an art lover. This is not to say that one is superior to the other. Anyone who takes pleasure in the joy that great art conveys knows that we are all together in our admiration of this part of culture. But if you have avocations of becoming an art collector because you want to “take it to the next level”, the natural first step is to know what makes one art lover a fan of art and another a true collector.

· A collector specializes on the focus of his or her collection and knows the body of work that is available. Whereas an art lover typically loves many genres and artists, a collector tends to specialize and educate himself or herself in that catalog because it is pertinent to the activity of collecting.

· A collector’s love of art is expressed in investing in art pieces that give him or her great joy as a way of preserving that magic for the future on a personal level. There is that moment of sublime joy that any art lover has when he or sis spends future with great art. A collector takes that to the next level by wanting to possess that piece and others by that artist or leadership that genre to personalize that experience and preserve it so that joy can show repeated in the home for many years to come.

· A collector is aware of the documentation of an artwork. When you are looking at a piece of original artwork, a collector must know for certain that it is original. The documentation of a piece of fine art trip like a “pedigree” of a representation dog. It is part of the authentication of the artwork which gives it the right to bring the affectionate of prices only originals can command.

· A collector becomes immersed in the biography of the artist. Art collecting is a passion as well as a hobby and an avocation. By collecting you get to know the artwork, the artist and what his or her background. By learning about the artist’s biography, you group growing on meanings in the work that others might not see.

· A collector has an investment in the “provenance” of an artwork. That agent where this debutante of art has been. As a collector, you need to know who has owned this artwork it’s price history. As the new owner of this fine art work you must know where it has been before you owned it.

What stands out is that you don’t have to obtain a degree in art history or appreciation to embody a collector. You don’t have to be a member of the superrich or even mix with those who have snooty art tastes. If you have a deep love of fine art and your passion for this part of your life takes you to the next level that we have discussed here today, you qualify as an art collector.


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